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Eliminating the Wildcards in Your Life

Life is so similar to the game of Poker in that all of us are trying our best to win the hand with the cards we are dealt! We don't want to just win at life, we want the ultimate win. We want success, fame and fortune. We want to be original and we want to be the better than the rest. Now, I am not a Poker player but I do appreciate a good challenge and Poker definitely presents that. I have done some research and found some interesting facts:

  1. There are over 2,600,000 hands you can play.

  2. The greatest hand of all is the Royal Flush.

  3. The odds of getting the Royal Flush are about 1 in 650,000. (That doesn't mean it's impossible to obtain, it just means it harder to get.)

You would think with the ultimate hand nobody could beat you but even in Poker, it's just not true, especially when Wildcards are at play. Wildcards are used to make the game of poker a little more riskier and a lot more fun, if you ask me. They are chosen at the beginning of a game and can be a substitute for any card you like. In fact, if you were to get all Aces and you had a Wildcard, you could turn it into another Ace and actually beat a Royal Flush. It's the only way. So, while wildcards make the game more exciting, they could be a pain for the person who possibly hits that once in a lifetime Royal Flush.

Life is similar to playing a game of Poker with wildcards. Our wildcards are little things that creep up and prevent us from achieving our ultimate goals. So, it's important you do these three things to win your hand:

One, you must always identify your wildcards.

Two, you have to call them out and get rid of them.

Three, you have to fill in the empty spaces they leave and replace them with something better!

Identify Your Wildcards.

  • In business, are you not advancing like you hoped.

  • At school, you are failing and turning in assignments late.

  • In marriage, you feel like everything is falling apart.

  • Personally, you not the person you feel you should be at this point in your life.

Call Out Your Wildcards & Destroy Them.

  • In business, you aren't advancing because you are lacking confidence and don't feel you are worthy of a better or higher paying position.

  • In school, you can't get anything done because you are procrastinating.

  • In your marriage, you are disengaged, aren't talking and neither of you are being truthful with each other.

  • Personally, you are comparing yourself to other people and feeling dissatisfied.

Fill each void with something good and meaningful. Do you see the pattern? Our wildcards are really based in fear. Fear of failure or fear of success, in every case. We try to bounce around things, avoid them all together or just ball up but we cannot to fold. We must win the game!

These wildcards in our life are like weeds. We have to pull them up by their roots and destroy them. They don't mean us any good. We can only take them out when we are honest with what they are. We have to put a name to them and say them out loud. After we recognize them, we have to decide what to do when we see them rising up like giants running away with our treasure. We must defeat them by not giving them what they want, which is for us to get tripped up and stumble. We have to figure out solutions that benefit us in such a way that we don't ever fear them coming back, again!

In business or your career, maybe you are not advancing and lacking the confidence to try and move forward because you are missing that educational component required. So, either get the advancement training you need or go back to school. Don't give anyone any reason to turn you down.

Your grades may be suffering in school and you feel you can't get anything done because you could be procrastinating, bored or having trouble understanding. Either take some more challenging classes, do your work earlier instead of last minute so you don't get overwhelmed, get some tutoring or find some classes you are interested in but you cannot fail. If you give a teacher your time, they should give you theirs and a grade worth having it.

Your relationship could be going downhill because of a lack of communication. Try being honest and open about your feelings with your loved one. Two people have to have the common goal of wanting to be together and in order to work things out. If you both want that, then, stop sweating the small stuff and move on to bigger things like the reasons you love each other and get some counseling. Communication is the master key!!!

Personally, you will never feel like you are good enough as long as you are staring out the window at other people instead of looking in the mirror and seeing you. You are awesome just the way you are and your time will come when it is time. Be satisfied with the hand you are dealt and make the best of it

In real life, you are the Royal Flush and you don't have time for any surprises popping up to bring down your kingdom. Remember, when those wildcards arise you must is identify them for what they truly are, call them out and destroy them. Finally, don't forget to replace those voids with something truly, awesome! You hold the power in your hands to be a game changer! Put on your Poker Face in the game of life and win it all!

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