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Life Chats radio show and podcast that first aired on Magic 104.9FM in Grand Rapids, MI on Sundays mornings. It was created to give everyday people an opportunity to understand God on a deeper but more down-to-earth level; a "real" level. Life Chats consists of actual conversations with people from all walks of life that can be a bit uncomfortable,  a little comical and a whole lot of fun and informational to listeners. It gives everyday people a chance to put their ears to the wall and hear great advice from a biblical perspective without being "too preachy" but very wise and unapologetically, Christian.

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"Everyone thinks when they become saved, problems will just stop or that the lives of "the Saints" are perfect but it's not true. We continue to deal with the same struggles but it is how we handle them and who we hand them off to that changes and that's Christ!"

Meochia Nochi Thompson


Life Chats Creator, Meochia Nochi Thompson is a very passionate Woman of God, Wife, Mother, Poet, Author, Commentator, Inspirational Speaker and the CEO of Blessed Pen Ink Publishing. She's described as a "morning cup of coffee" with her heart for hugs and contagious and energetic personality. She wears many hats but only serves one God! She is a graduate of Columbia College in Chicago and has a BA in TV & Radio Broadcasting and Print Journalism. Meochia is involved in Women's Ministry and Mentoring. She creates programs, workshops, and conferences that promote healing, love, and forgiveness. She is married with a beautifully blended family.

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Brian Flippin aka Pastor Flippin is the Pastor of Hope Restored Worship Ministry. He has a heart for mentorship and founded I Am Jam to assist boys and men in their faith and life journey. He is married with 3 adult sons. 


Michelle Jackson aka Pastor Mimi  is a Chaplain and the Founder and Pastor of Church Builders Bible Training Center. She is a gifted teacher of the gospel and develops instructional tools for ministry leaders and classes. She is married with 5 adult children.


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