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Every time me or my friends are out and about, we run into awesome fashion, designers, makeup artists and tips, chefs and family cooks or people who are so interesting! This is your place to meet them and experience what they do! If you know someone or something or some place or event Life Chats needs to know, holler at us at!

Meet Anastastia Baah


Anna Teiko Designs

I met Anastatia at the African Festival in Chicago and her designs were so unique, I had to show you. This linen jacket has a cool high-low appearance with bold african prints. It has pockets, pleats in the back, a fitted waist an lapels. This jacket can be worn dressy or casual with a skirt, leggings or blue jeans. It is so versatile just like many of Anna's design. Click the photos to visit her website, call 240-938-6810 or email her at! Instagram: Annateiko or FB: AnnaTeiko Teiko!

annateiko 4.JPG
annateiko 5.JPG
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